Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If thoughts could be heard

Imagine if one could hear the thoughts of all around you.
What would you hear?
What would you feel?
Thoughts so many...hopeful, sad, excitement, fear, jealousy, love, anger, resentment,devious,kindness..unending thoughts everywhere from everyone.

Where would you focus on that which relates to your state of mind or on that relating to a state of mind you want to achieve.

Everyday, thoughts enter my mind, thoughts like a book waiting to be written, a story wating to be told.

When you sit in silence, the thoughts in your head talking only to you, whose voice do you hear.  Does it have a sound, yes it does your thoughts sound just like your voice, like my thoughts do right now while I am writing to you.  Its as if I am having a silent conversation with the world but I can hear the sound of my voice in my head. 

So now I blog so that I can share the millions of thoughts in my head with all that wish to travel along with me.  Don't have expectations for they will never have a trend for my mind is far too versatile. 

So hear is a thought I would like to share that entered my mind yesterday.  There will be so many more.

Read them if you like, but mostly open your heart, open your mind and feel the emotion.

My thoughts are happy, sometimes sad, sometimes fearful, but mostly they are inspirational.  Words that I wish to share, words that may heal a heart, give hope to one soul or simply let you know that you are not alone in your world.

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