Thursday, September 23, 2010

Believe in yourself, love yourself..

Ok so we got to believe in ourselves and love ourselves.  How easy or how difficult would you say this is.
Sure, if we had no weaknesses which inturn resulted in negative influences to capsize our lives it would be very easy to achieve.
Have you ever sat down with a few friends and spoken about "Life", happy life stuff, how excited you are, how well you are doing..have you noticed how bored some people in that circle get? NO? test it out...
THEN test when you start gossiping about others, saying hurtful negative things, talking about what a tough thing this thing called "Life" is..and BOY does the conversation not last hours?
So  my message to all you good people out there, YES YOU! for we are all good at core level..before you throw a negative comment, before you say  you are going to fail....its not going to work, it did not work for me..oh NO, there is no way you can achieve could be ruining the future of someone you supposedly love.  Oh yes we all think we are GREAT mates for telling it directly, but what makes us decide in that split moment that it is far better to directly say it will never work, you will never succeed, rather than to say, "Buddy, im there for you no matter what and as long as you are giving it your best shot, there is no reason why you should fail!"
Why would your purposely be a part of someone's failure when you can celebrate their success?
Oh let's not forget "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me."....what a lot of bull! Words are sometimes much more devastating than any stick or stone...they can HURT like you will never believe and the scars they can leave are far worse than a bruise or grazing caused by a stick or a stone..those at least heal way faster.
Stand by your friends, don't watch them fall because someone said "You have to be cruel to be kind"
Shoo those words came flying out why? Because i woke up one morning and decided to put my writing into a book..send it to publishers all over the world...yeh I had the goetspa (I think thats how you spell it) and guess what someone came back and decided to give me a chance....How many people stood by me, and believed in me and how many thought, there is NO WAY can't just wake up one morning throw a book together and think someones going to publish it...I mean come on man, don't you watch movies? It takes years of hard work to put a book together....Great inspiration!  Well I did NOT listen, I was belchy..I stood tall..very tall and sent it off.  NOW hopefully before christmas another author will be born into this world and her name is Carma Jewell.....
So my friends, if you have a passion for something, DO IT!  You are 99% of the way there.  Don't let the negativity of all the failure stories get to you, don't let that 1% ruin your dreams..  Yes it is possible that the 1% can weaken your 99% belief in yourself.  Trust me, I know I have listened so many times to the 1% in the past and the significance of their input as a result of my own personal weaknesses caused me to take my dream and leave it under my pillow instead of above my head like a beautiful painting.

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  1. So so true, and perfectly said! I always see the glass as half full when others only see it half empty, and are quick to point it out to me, but to me it will always be half full no matter what! I say always reach for the moon, if you miss you will still be amoungst the stars!x