Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do we really know our friends.....

There is a common phrase used amongst friends.

"No matter how much time has past, my friend and I can pick up from where we left off, and we simply know that we are loved and there when needed"

This phrase leaves me with an unhappy feeling, simply because tomorrow may never come.  We cannot predict the future, we cannot choose how long we stay on this earth, yet, we allow time to pass, taking for granted that those we love will just be there and tomorrow or next week, next month, perhaps in years we will simply pick up the pieces from when we last spoke.  what if tomorrow comes and they are no longer there?  What if they are so used to this arrangement that they go through so much turmoil without even letting you know. What if it was your arrangement that they simply abide by, because thats what friends do, they accept each other for who each one is...but what is it they really want from you?

Is it perhaps fair to say that we live a selfish exsistance where we give our precious time only to that which suits us in the moment? Work, family, little circle of chosen friends?  I would deem it very fair for this is how I used to live my life.  I used to until one day tomorrow never came.  the person I loved was no longer there, I could not catch up where we left off for they were no longer on this earth.

I am not talking about a close friend, but someone I truly cared for, someone to whom I had  not spoken to for so many do I feel?  So very sad because I never said goodbye. Yes I know, one never knows when we will lose someone, but surely to speak more than once a year is not asking too much.

losing loved ones reminds you of how short life it, how we should try hard not to leave that which should be done or said now for tomorrow...for tomorrow may never come.

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