Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Online "VULTURES"

They sit there waiting, waiting for the vulnerable, the lonely, the needy, the ones that battle financially, the ones searching for love...They sit waiting for their prey.
Ruthless in nature, emotionless, its a profession nothing more..lets get down to business, who can we scam today. 
The victims through the eyes of the vultures...they are just victims, they have no feelings, no family, no heart...simply targets from which to steal both financially and morally.
Yes I say morally because the victims believes, the victim trusts, when that crash hits, the moment they realise the person they trusted took them for a ride, thats the moment they feel morally broken.
The online scammer, what a wonderful profession, take what you want from whoever you choose to scam.  You don't even need a degree all you need is a black heart, be part of the devil's flock and the job is yours.
Hey sweetheart, im your friend I understand you are lonely, Im not like the rest, Im real...they build build and build until you trust...then the heart stopping question comes..."Please can you help me" followed by some sob story and then those words "Could you please help me with some money"...
Is this your friend? does a complete stranger have no friends that they need to ask you for you have STUPID written on your profile pic...if you don't then you may as well get a sticker, paste it on your head and maybe you will be lucky enough that NO VULTURE will find you.
They are like little butteflies in presence and then turn in gremlins in your heart when you realise how malicious their actions are.  How they did not care about you at all.  How they felt they had the right to enter your life and feed off your weaknesses.
They are common thieves but they hide in your computer with false identities, false documents, professional letters all done up to fool you....
Beware, just take care and get yourself some vulture repellent.

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  1. I like reading your thoughts flowing calmly in mornings.